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AP 20285-06-14 - Ghanem et al. v. Population and Immigration Authority Judgment
Judgment | 20285-06-14 | 6.11.2014

Judgment on HaMoked's petition against the Appellate Committee's decision not to grant three children, born in Israel and abandoned by their parents, the same status as their grandmother - their legal guardian - and the decision to prevent their registration in the Israeli population registry. The Court accepts HaMoked's claims and instructs the Ministry of Interior to grant the three children permanent residency in Israel. The judgment emphasizes that it has been proven that the children have been living with their grandmother for years, after being abandoned by their mother many years previously. Due to the Ministry of Interior's outrageous handling of the case, the Court orders it to pay 15,000 NIS in trial costs.

District Court issued 15,000 NIS costs order against the Ministry of Interior, ruling: The status of children born in Israel and abandoned by their parents must be the same as their legal guardian’s (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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