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Re: Response to your letter concerning the Use Policy of Regulation 119
Other | 19.8.2014
Response of the State Attorney's Office to HaMoked's demand not to revive the punitive house demolition policy. The response announces that the power granted under Regulation 119 to demolish assailants' houses will be exercised in "extreme cases", and notes that "The security establishment is well aware of the ramifications" of exercising this power, and therefore the power is "very prudently" exercised. It further holds that the two attacks which led to the recent decision to exercise this power were "extremely severe", and states that "any other case will be examined according to its specific circumstances".
State Attorney's Office to HaMoked: The power to demolish homes of terrorists will be exercised in "extreme cases"
For the first time since 2009: Israel is preparing for the demolition of homes in East Jerusalem as a punitive measure against attacks
HaMoked heads group of human rights organizations in HCJ petition: Instruct the state to cease the illegal practice of punitive house demolitions in the OPT, including East Jerusalem. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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