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AAA 6407/11 - Dejani et al. v. Ministry of the Interior – Population Authority Judgment
Judgment | 6407/11 | 20.5.2013

Judgment on an appeal against the decision of the District Court not to instruct the Ministry of Interior to upgrade the status of a Palestinian who is married to a resident of East Jerusalem, and has been living with her in Israel since 1999. The Court accepts the appeal and instructs the upgrade of the man's status to temporary residency, in accordance with the Dufash precedent. The Judges comment generally on the failure to upgrade the status of people who began the graduated procedure before the Government's decision in 2002, and urges the legislator to consider different treatment of these people, due to the passage of time.

HaMoked to the HCJ: Instruct the grant of Israeli status to Palestinians living in the country for many years under the family unification procedure
In response to the Minister of Interior’s decision to grant temporary status in Israel to some 2000 Palestinians living in the country in the framework of family unification processes: HaMoked demands the application of a uniform principle to all Palestinian spouses and their children, based on lengthy period of life in Israel (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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