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Re: Objection concerning the family residence of ____ ‘Awwad, ID No. ____, and the family residence of ____ ‘Awawdeh, ID No. ____ , in Idhna Village
Other | 25.6.2014
HaMoked's objection against the intended punitive demolition of a family residence in Idhna village, where suspected assailant's family lives. HaMoked recalls that in the house live 16 innocent people, many of them minors; that to punish them thus contravenes international law's prohibitions on collective punishment and destruction of private property. HaMoked maintains that house demolition does not meet the test of proportionality and violates basic rights, including the right to dignified living, housing and property. HaMoked also notes that the security establishment itself concluded that this practice was harmful rather than deterring. HaMoked adds that the house is not owned by the suspect but by his brother.
HaMoked files an urgent objection against the intention to demolish the house of a suspected assailant: Israel must not readopt this illegal policy, which it had already recognized was an ineffective measure
In response to HaMoked’s objection against the intent to seize and demolish the home of a suspect in an attack against Israelis: The military announced it does not intend to demolish the entire structure, only half
HaMoked files HCJ petition against the military’s plan to demolish half of Muhammad ‘Awawdeh’s home in Idhna, near Hebron, because his brother’s family lives in the same house (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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