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AAA 8630/11 Radwan et al. v State of Israel - Minister of the Interior Respondents' Response
Court Documents | 8630/11 | 24.2.2014

HaMoked's response to the State's notice regarding a change to the procedure for registering children which requires two years of "center of life" prior to submitting a request. HaMoked claims that by changing its policy - determining that the children's age at the time of submitting the request is the deciding age - the Ministry of Interior recognizes the rigidity of its conduct thus far. HaMoked adds that the State hasn't addressed the upgrade of children's temporary residency to permanent residency, and demands that the change apply to ongoing procedures, including the appellants. HaMoked stresses that the arrangement defined by the Ministry of Interior does not match the legislator's intentions, who was concerned with security issues, and seriously harms the children's status and the right to family life.

Following a protracted legal battle: the Ministry of Interior amended the procedure for handling registration applications of children who have only one Israeli-resident parent (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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