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AAA 8630/11 Radwan et al. v State of Israel - Minister of the Interior Notice of Appeal
Court Documents | 8630/11 | 23.11.2011

HaMoked's appeal on a judgment of the Court for Administrative Affairs. The Court accepted the State's claims, and did not rule that the age of the appellant's children at the time of applying to the Ministry of Interior is the deciding age for the matter of status in Israel. HaMoked emphasizes that the rule requiring proof of two years of center of life prior to submitting a request to register children is disproportionate and seriously harms the right to family life and the children's best interest. HaMoked claims that the Ministry of Interior acts this way in order to limit the number of children from East Jerusalem who are granted status in Israel. HaMoked also claims that the Citizenship and Entry into Israel law (2003) does not comprehensively prevent granting children under the age of 14 the same status as their parent.

Following a protracted legal battle: the Ministry of Interior amended the procedure for handling registration applications of children who have only one Israeli-resident parent (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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