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HCJ 580/13 - Masri et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Court Documents | 580/13 | 23.1.2013

HaMoked's petition to update the registered address of a Palestinian teenager who was born in the Gaza Strip and moved to live with his parents in the West Bank as an infant. His address in the population registry has remained in Gaza, and his request to update it was not answered. HaMoked emphasizes in the petition that the teenager's freedom of movement is limited, because he is at risk of expulsion to Gaza in any encounter with the military, and as such he avoids leaving his city. HaMoked further claims that the teenager moved to the West Bank in 1998 and as such meets the threshold of the "political gesture", in which Israel committed to change the registered addresses of 5,000 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who moved to the West Bank prior to August 2007.

The HCJ has issued an interim order preventing the deportation to Gaza of a youth based on his incorrect address listing in the population register: the youth has traveled outside of his town for the first time in two years
The HCJ to the State: it is unreasonable to compel lifelong inhabitants of the West Bank – from birth or infancy – to live there pursuant to renewable stay permits, like foreigners in their own land (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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