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AP 727/06 - Nofal et al. v. The State of Israel - Minister of Interior Motion under the Contempt of Court Ordinance
Court Documents | 727/06 | 29.5.2012

HaMoked's request under the Contempt of Court Ordinance to force the Ministry of Interior to comply with the HCJ's judgment instructing a change to the "Procedure for Processing Applications for Israeli Residency Visas for Minors Born in Israel with Only One Parent Registered as a Permanent Resident of Israel". The request was submitted due to the Ministry's failure to change the procedure a year after the judgment. According to the judgment, the Ministry of Interior must legalize the residency or status of a child in Israel within six months of the submission of a request; must avoid ceasing the processing of a request for family unification due to the refusal of a family unification request of a different family member; and must announce in Arabic any requirement to renew a stay permit and receive a permit. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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