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AP 22556-04-11 - Arafat et al. v. Minister of Interior Judgment
Judgment | 22556-04-11 | 7.12.2011

Acceptance of HaMoked's petition to instruct the Ministry of Interior to grant permanent residency to a boy from East Jerusalem who was born in the West Bank to parents who are permanent residents of Israel. The Court rules that the Ministry of Interior must "grant the appellant the status of permanent resident without delay". The Judge gave the force of a judgment to the sides' principled agreement, according to which a child born outside of Israel to two permanent residents, who is living in Israel, is entitled to receive permanent residency immediately. The Court also rules that the State's position on the boy's particular case contradicts its principled position and is disproportionate. The Judge defines the Ministry of Interior's disregard of the mother's requests for years as "a failing".

Court's decision following HaMoked's petition: a child whose parents are both permanent residents is entitled to be granted permanent status directly, even if he was not born in Israel (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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