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AFH 9081/11 - Attoun et al. v. The Minister of Interior Petition for Further Hearing in AAA 1966/09
Court Documents | 9081/11 | 7.12.2011
HaMoked’s petition for a further hearing of an appeal by two children to whom the ministry of interior refused to grant status. The children were born in Jerusalem and live with their family Sur Bahir’s Wadi Hummus neighborhood, which is outside city limits. The Supreme Court dismissed the appeal in a majority judgment, leaving the children status-less, while ignoring the neighborhoods’ complex reality in the wake of the wall. Among HaMoked’s reasons for seeking a further hearing: the judgment establishes new common law on the manner in which status is to be granted in Israel under Regulation 12 of the Entry into Israel Regulations and introduces a new, narrow interpretation that defeats the purpose of this regulation, which centers on the child’s best interest.
HaMoked requests an additional hearing on the Supreme Court judgment in AAA 1966/09: the appeal judgment determined that the two children of a Jerusalem resident living in Wadi Hummus will not receive status in Israel, thereby leaving them without status anywhere in the world (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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