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AAA 1621/08 - State of Israel, Ministry of Interior v. Hatib et al. Judgment
Judgment | 1621/08 | 30.1.2011

Judgment on the State's appeal on a judgment dealing with the interpretation of the term "resident of the area" according to the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (temporary order). The appeal was accepted. President Beinisch rules that despite the Temporary Order's serious harm to basic rights, its amended form from 2005 defines a "resident of the area" as one of two - "a person who is registered in the Population Registry of the region, and in this context there is no relevance to his actual connections to the area, or someone who is in the area but is not registered in it."

HaMoked to the HCJ: the Hatib judgment unmasks the true unlawful purpose of the Temporary Order – the collective rejection of applications for Israeli status in order to promote a racist-demographic agenda
HaMoked to the Supreme Court: The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law should not be applied to people who are not registered as residents of the oPt and for years have no ties there (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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