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HCJ 6329/02 - Jaberi et al. v. Commander of IDF in the West Bank Urgent Request of the State Attorney's Office to cancel the Interim Order granted in the Petition
Court Documents | 6329/02 | 6.8.2002
Urgent request by the State Attorney's Office regarding the interim injunction instructing the military to refrain from the punitive demolition of the petitioners' homes in Kafr Tal, Nablus district. The request seeks that the interim order be cancelled or an immediate hearing be scheduled in the petition, based on previous judgments in similar petitions which the court had rejected. The State Attorney's Office claims that no decision has yet been made to demolish the homes, but, inasmuch as the decision be made in future, the fact that the homes are in the A Area precludes a sweeping undertaking to allow an advance hearing before the fact. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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