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HCJ 5875/07 Kasem et al. v. The State of Israel et al. Application on behalf of the Respondents for Summary Dismissal of the Petition Response to the Application for Temporary Injunction
Court Documents | 5875/07 | 2.9.2007
The State application to dismiss the petition of a Palestinian couple, residents of the OPT, for family unification, and to rescind the interim order that establishes that there shall be no deportation of the petitioner. The state has avoided relating to the claims of HaMoked in its application for an interim order, and in fact merely repeats the same allegations that were raised in previous petitions that the petitioner shall not be deported so long as there shall be no “change in circumstances”, i.e., so lond as she will not be apprehended. The court left the interim order intact. (See linked items).
The HCJ decided a panel of three justices will hear HaMoked's petition to allow a resident of the West Bank and his wife, a Jordanian citizen, to conduct a normal family life with their children. The Court also left the interim order forbidding expulsion of the Petitioner as it was: This is the 37th petition in a series of petitions filed by HaMoked to have military authorities accept applicati... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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