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Movement and Access Restrictions in the West Bank: Uncertainty and Inefficiency in the Palestinian Economy
Reports | 9.5.2007
Report by the World Bank criticizing Israel for the severe restrictions it places on freedom of movement in the Palestinian Authority, which damage its capacity for economic development. Israeli restrictions section off half the Territories of the West Bank and extinguish any chance of the Palestinian economy's recovery from the crisis it is in. The rising number of roadblocks, checkpoints and gates increases the cost of business activity and creates financial uncertainty and inefficacy. The authors estimate that residents of the West Bank are denied access to some 41 segments of road totaling 700 km in length. The Bank cautions that no economic recovery will be possible while large areas in the West Bank remain inaccessible for economic needs and so long as restriction of movement is the norm for most residents. From the World Bank website (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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