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HCJ 2959/06 Ahmidat v. Commander of the Army Forces in the West Bank
Other | 2959/06 | 26.4.2006
In the course of a petition regarding issuing a Palestinian belonging to the "second HCJ population" with a visitor's permit into the Territories, HaMoked clarifies the Respondent's severe mistake and explains the historical background and processes which led to the agreements regarding this population. The Respondent claims that the Petitioner did not prove that her "center of life" was in the Territories, but, contrary to his claims, a "center of life" in the Territories was effectively a criterion for denying entitlement for a permanent permit. Under the military's past policy, only short intermittent visits were allowed and the deportations which ensued from this policy prevented spouses who were not residents of the Occupied Territories from settling in them legally.
Following a HaMoked petition, a Palestinian woman who belongs to the “Second HCJ Population” received a permit to visit the Territories: The appellant entered the Territories in 1993 with a visitor’s permit from the Ministry of the Interior, and applied to convert this into a permit for the Territories permitting a longer visit. The military claimed that the appellant did not belong to the abov... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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