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HCJ 8155/06 - The Association for Civil Rights in Israel et al. v. Commander of the IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria Decision
Judgment | 8155/06 | 18.5.2008
The Court rejected the petitioners' request for a temporary injunction to freeze the advance notice procedure for security preclusions pertaining to persons who seek to travel abroad via the Allenby Bridge. The new procedure was submitted in the framework of the organizations’ petition against the restrictions imposed on persons who are subject to an ISA preclusion. The new procedure further encumbers residents of the Territories seeking to travel abroad. The Court ruled that it would address the new procedure during the hearing on the petition. In the meantime, the procedure will be considered voluntary, and the previous channels, namely, arrival at the bridge and appeal to the Legal Advisor, will remain in place.
At the request of the petitioning organizations, the HCJ has deleted a petition of ACRI, HaMoked and PHR-Israel concerning the restrictions Israel imposes on travel abroad by persons blacklisted by the ISA. Following the petition, a procedure for prior inquiry regarding preclusions to travel abroad was formulated, and the number of "ISA precluded" persons decreased significantly (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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