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HCJ 8155/06 - The Association for Civil Rights in Israel et al. v. Commander of the IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria Petitioners' Response to the Respondents' Notice and Request for Order Nisi and Interim Order
Court Documents | 8155/06 | 20.2.2008
Response by human rights organizations to a new procedure published by the military pertaining to Palestinians wishing to travel abroad. The organizations claim the military is ignoring the problems mentioned in the petition, and attempting to thwart these organizations’ criticism as well as the involvement of attorneys and courts in its decision making.
Petition to cancel the classification of numerous Palestinians as "security precluded": HaMoked, ACRI and PHR petition the HCJ against the severe and arbitrary violations of the human rights of numerous residents of the Territories, who are blacklisted by the Israel Security Agency (ISA) as "security precluded" or "ISA precluded". The blacklisting is carried out without due process, a clear fac...
On 28 September 2008, the HCJ will hold a hearing in a petition filed by HaMoked and other organizations regarding the restrictions Israel imposes on persons blacklisted by the ISA who wish to travel abroad:  The procedure adopted by the military in the context of the petition imposes many difficulties on those wishing to travel abroad and, in effect, offers no solution for the problem for whic...
At the request of the petitioning organizations, the HCJ has deleted a petition of ACRI, HaMoked and PHR-Israel concerning the restrictions Israel imposes on travel abroad by persons blacklisted by the ISA. Following the petition, a procedure for prior inquiry regarding preclusions to travel abroad was formulated, and the number of "ISA precluded" persons decreased significantly (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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