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Letter to the Attorney General: Government Resolution regarding the Boycott of the Palestinian DCOs
Other | 6.4.2006
HaMoked’s appeal to the Attorney General regarding the government’s order that the military cut off all ties with the Palestinian DCOs, except in urgent medical cases. Israel transferred many authorities to the Palestinian Authority, including those related to the population registry, residency, immigration, education and healthcare. The proper exercise of these powers entails submission of many applications to Israel through the Palestinian DCO. Even authorities under the army’s exclusive jurisdiction, such as the granting of travel permits and control over the crossings, are subject to submission of applications through the Palestinian DCO. HaMoked states that an Israeli boycott of the DCOs would cause unprecedented harm to human rights and a grave violation of international law.
HaMoked in an urgent appeal to the Attorney General over the government's instruction to the military to sever all contact with the Palestinian District Coordination Offices, except in medical emergencies: this is an unparalleled infringement of human rights and a gross violation of international law, liable to bring upheaval to the region (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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