Security Prisoner
Security Detainee
Administrative Detainee
HCJ 9332/02 - Jarar et al. v. IDF Commander in Judea and Samaria Decision
Judgment | 9332/02 | 20.12.2002
In a habeas corpus petition filed in view of the Respondent's failure to notify a detainee's family of his location, the Court ordered the Respondent to pay costs. Only after the submission of the petition was notification of the detainee's whereabouts given. The Court noted the importance of immediate notification of both the detention itself and the deatinee's location. While the large number of detainees does encumber the work of the Respondent's control center, bodies charged with providing information must prepare in advance in order to carry out their duty. Turning the Court into a "mail box" for such inquiries is burdensome and complicated in every respect, and should be prevented. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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