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Operational Instructions for “Prior Warning”
Other | 26.11.2002

Operational procedure presented to the court during the hearing of HCJ 3799/02, following a temporary injunction banning the military from using the Palestinian civilian population as "human shields", including the "neighbor procedure". Under the "Prior Warning Procedure" it is permissible to be "assisted" by a Palestinian civilian during a military operation aimed at making an arrest if he agrees to do so, and provided that the military commander on site believes it does not endanger his life. Like the "neighbor procedure", this procedure also violates international humanitarian law, and effectively violates the dignity of the protected civilian. From the website of B'Tselem. 

The High Court of Justice ruled that the military's use of Palestinian residents as "human shields" is unlawful and contradicts the provisions of international law: following a petition filed by seven human rights organizations in this matter, the HCJ banned the use of civilians to conduct arrests in the Territories (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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