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AP (Jerusalem) 530/07 – The Association for Civil Rights in Israel et al. v. The Ministry of Interior Judgment
Judgment | 530/07 | 5.12.2007
Following a petition filed by HaMoked and other human rights organizations, the Court ordered the Interior Ministry to publish its procedure within 30 days and ruled the Ministry had been breaking the law for years. The Court ruled that the fateful effect the Ministry's decisions have on citizens' lives emphasizes the need to clearly publicize procedures immediately after they are implemented. Therefore, the public must be presented with the complete current procedures in every bureau of the Interior Ministry and on its website.
Following a petition by human rights organizations, the court orders the Ministry of Interior to publish its procedures within 30 days and rules that the ministry has been violating the law for years: The petitioners claim the procedures are concealed from the public, the Knesset and the courts; are often changed; and sometimes are not even known to the officials responsible for implementing them (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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