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Declaration Regarding End of the Military Administration in the Gaza Strip
Legislation | 12.9.2005
HaMoked appeals to the State in a demand to immediately renew services for the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, and particularly, to process urgent requests which must not be postponed: in an urgent letter to the HCJ department of the State Attorney's Office, HaMoked details a series of problems created by the military's withdrawal from the Strip and the its’ sealing off
Following HaMoked's petition, a Gaza resident is allowed to travel through the Rafah Border Crossing to Egypt in order to donate a kidney to his brother, who urgently needs a kidney transplant: since the military's withdrawal from Gaza, the Rafah Crossing has been closed due to Israeli pressure and 1.5 million residents are left with no way out of sealed-off Gaza. HaMoked finds the state's resp... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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