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Following HaMoked's demand for an investigation into an incident in which police officers assaulted one of its employees, an indictment was served against the police officers involved: following the incident, the employee who was assaulted required hospital care

On 19 June 2008, after a night out in Tel Aviv, HaMoked's employee made his way home with two friends. On route, their car was stopped by police officers and they were ordered to show their identity cards and car registration. The officers conducted this ostensibly routine check in a manner openly disrespectful and degrading towards the employee and his friends. When the employee commented on their attitude, the officers swore at him and pushed him into the police car.

Inside the car, the officers drew the curtains, handcuffed the employee's hands behind his back and forced him to sit on the floor of the car. While driving, they beat and verbally abused him, and when he asked them why they were beating him, they replied: "you're an Arab bastard son of a bitch". At some point, the officers pulled over by the side of the road to enable the driver to participate in the abuse. After about 30 minutes of relentless violence, the officers drove the employee back to his car and threw him out while threatening to ruin his life and start a police record for him. The employee, who, following the police officers' assault, was badly bruised all over his body, immediately went to the Hadassah Hospital for medical care, received treatment and remained there for monitoring for 16 hours.

Following the assault, HaMoked appealed to the Department for the Investigation of Police (DIP) at the Ministry of Justice , demanding an investigation into the incident be opened and charges against those responsible be brought. Following the appeal, the DIP launched an investigation and on 3 May 2009 an indictment was served against the three police officers involved.

To view the indictment dated 3 May 2009 (Hebrew) (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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