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HCJ 3799/02 - Adalah et al. v. Yitzhak Eitan, IDF Major General, Central Command et al.
Court Documents | 3799/02 | 5.5.2002
Petition filed by Adalah in its name and on behalf of other human rights organizations, among them HaMoked, against the use of Palestinian civilians as human shields or as hostages, including as part of the “neighbor procedure”. In this procedure, Palestinians are forced to enter the houses suspected of being booby-trapped and search them before soldiers enter, and to lift objects that soldiers consider suspicious. The petition contains a number of testimonies by Palestinians and reports of human rights organizations. The petition emphasizes that the procedure violates the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty and principles of international humanitarian law. From Adalah’s Website.
Compelling a person to serve as a human shield and damaging property during a house search: a civil action for damages filed by HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual against the state for extensive damage caused to the house and personal property of residents of the Occupied Territories during a search by IDF soldiers, and for compelling a member of the family to serve as a human sh...
The High Court of Justice ruled that the military's use of Palestinian residents as "human shields" is unlawful and contradicts the provisions of international law: following a petition filed by seven human rights organizations in this matter, the HCJ banned the use of civilians to conduct arrests in the Territories (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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