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Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) 5763-2003 [full and updated version as of April 3, 2014]
Legislation | 3.4.2014
Recent version of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law which blocks family unification between Israelis and spouses from the OPT, preventing them from living together in Israel and annexed East Jerusalem. Only from ages 25 for women and 35 for men, is it possible for OPT residents who are married to Israelis to receive a periodic permit to stay in Israel, which does not afford civil status or social security rights. The Law is racist, as it discriminates based on ethnic origin. It also authorises collective punishment by stipulating that applications may be denied if it is claimed that the non-Israeli applicant or anyone from her/his extended family might be considered a security risk.
HaMoked to the HCJ: order the issuing of an Israeli driving license to a Palestinian man living in Israel by virtue of military stay permits
During a hearing of HaMoked’s petition: the HCJ instructs the state to consider exceptions to the blanket ban on family unification in Israel with people living in or registered as residents of the Gaza Strip
Following HaMoked’s appeal: Family unification application for an OPT woman approved in a flash - only three months!
HaMoked to the HCJ: Instruct the grant of Israeli status to Palestinians living in the country for many years under the family unification procedure
State to HCJ: Dismiss petitions to grant status to Palestinians living in Israel under family unification for years.
With no end in sight: for the 16th time now, the Knesset has approved the prolongation of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
Following a Supreme Court appeal, the Ministry of Interior amended its procedures for registering children with only one Israeli resident parent: the change may allow children – who live in Israel with stay permits only – to receive permanent status in the country
First successful case in the battle to amend registration procedures for children with only one Israeli resident parent: following HaMoked’s intervention, a young woman is given Israeli status, after years of living in Israel pursuant to military permits only
The Ministry of Interior begins implementing its decision to grant status to Palestinians long undergoing family unification in Israel: the first of some 2,000 persons now entitled have been given identity cards
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: the revised procedures for the registration of children under age 14 who have only one parent who is a permanent Israeli resident, are wrongful and illegal
HaMoked to the Chair of the committee reviewing the extension of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law: the committee must present accurate data relating to the Law’s application to children over age 14
HaMoked to the Minister of Interior: set a maximal age for the denial of family unification to Palestinians in Israel and East Jerusalem (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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