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HCJ 5504/03 - Kahlout et al. v. Commander of IDF Forces in the West Bank et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Court Documents | 5504/03 | 18.6.2003
One Big Prison - Freedom of Movement to and from the Gaza Strip on the Eve of the Disengagement Plan: New report by HaMoked and B'Tselem deals with the severe breach of human rights as a result of Israel’s policies that strangled the Gaza Strip. The report further warns against Israel’s attempt to disavow its responsibility for the residents of the Gaza Strip following disengagement
Expulsion of residents of the West Bank to Gaza based solely on their registered address: HaMoked petitioned the High Court of Justice in the matter of three Palestinian residents of the West Bank who were expelled to the Gaza Strip. Expulsion based solely on registered address is not authorized by law and causes severe consequences. Following the petitions two of the deportees were allowed to ... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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