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Administrative Detainee
AP (Jerusalem) 783/03 - Ziyad et al. v. The Minister of Interior et al. Response on Behalf of the Respondents
Court Documents | 783/03 | 11.12.2003
The Respondents assert that the family Unification application that the Petitioner's brother submitted for him was denied due to a criminal impediment; that the Petitioner was born in the region and was in it throughout part of his childhood, and therefore his link is to the region and not to Israel; and that the fact that his brother was given guardianship of him in the [Muslim] Sharai Court does not justify giving status in Israel. The Petitioner is therefore required to put his registration in order at the population register in the region. However, because it is difficult to do so at the present time, the Respondents agree to authorize a temporary status for him equivalent to a B/1 temporary stay permit for one year, contingent upon his undertaking to submit an application to the Palestinian Authority for registration in the region. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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