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AdmPA 2098/04 - Ziyad et al. v. The Minister of the Interior et al. Notice of Appeal
Court Documents | 29.2.2004
An appeal from the decision of the Court for Administrative Matters not to intervene in the discretion of the Minister of the Interior who refused to grant a permanent residency to a person without any status in the world, who has links to Israel alone. The trial court accepted as reasonable the Respondents' offer to give the Appellant a visit permit for one year on condition, inter alia, that he submit a family reunion application to the Palestinian Authority; The Appellants, however, assert that this person has no link to the Palestinian Authority and that the Court's decision contradicts Israeli and international law, which require Israel to give status to those without citizenship in its territory, and treat them with fairness, proportionality and sensitivity to human dignity. The Court, in fact, condemned the Appellant to a life without civil security, without an opportunity to work legally and without any social rights. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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