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AP (Jerusalem) 783/03 (CR 7254/03) - Ziyad et al. v. The Minister of Interior et al.Judgment
Judgment | 22.1.2004
The Court for Administrative Matters, in a brief decision, elected not to intervene in the Minister of Interior's discretion, who abstained from granting a permanent resident status to a person living in Israel, who, due to the circumstances of his life, has not had any legal status arranged for him either therein or in the region, and a family unification application that was submitted for him by his brother was denied. In the opinion of the court, the Respondent's offer to grant the Petitioner a visit permit for one year according to specific terms and conditions expresses sufficient consideration for the Petitioner's problematic personal situation. This decision was appealed before the Supreme Court and an interim decision was given in the appeal. See linked items. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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