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HCJ 3239/02 - Marab et al. v IDF Commander in the West Bank et al. Judgment
Judgment | 3239/02 | 5.2.2003
The HCJ partially granted the petition against the special orders issued for the detention of thousands of persons during "Operation Defensive Shield". The HCJ ruled that the period set forth in the orders for holding detainees prior to judicial approval should be shortened, and that stipulated time for holding detainees before allowing them to argue their case before the interrogators was too long. However, the HCJ accepted the state’s position that the orders did not allow for mass detentions in the absence of any individual basis for detention, and that there was no defect in extending the period a detainee was not allowed to meet with counsel.  Translation taken from the Supreme Court website.
The Supreme Court has confirmed that the Incarceration of Unlawful Combatants Law is constitutional, rejecting the appeals submitted by HaMoked on behalf of two Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who are being held in prison in Israel under the law: The ruling declines to address the Appellants’ cases and ignores the fact that they were arrested 5 and 6 years ago in the Gaza Strip under the Admin... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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