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HCJ 9733/03 – HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual v. State of Israel et al. Response on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office
Court Documents | 28.11.2003
The state contends that, based on the purpose of the relevant statute, it is not obligated to disclose the location of Facility 1391, and that keeping its location secret does not deny the detainees any of their rights. The state further contends that the facility is generally used for interrogation only, and not for incarceration; that over the past five years, only a very few detainees have been held there (it does not give a number, or how many were held there prior to the past five years); that since mid-July 2003, no detainee has been held in the facility, because there was no such need; that most of the persons who gave affidavits in support of the petition did not complain to the authorities earlier, raising doubts about their credibility; that complaints previously filed were still being studied, or did not form the basis for a penal or disciplinary offense; and that most of the petitioner’s complaints related to conditions in the facility and were unrelated to the relief sought – closure of the facility.
Did Israel hold detainees from Gaza in the secret prison during the fighting? On 1 February 2009, HaMoked received the State Attorney's response to its enquiry (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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