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Procedure regarding Expiration of Permanent Residency Visa – No. 5.2.0018
Other | 1.1.2001

Procedure of the Ministry of Interior presenting its interpretation of rules 10(b), 11(c) and 11(a)1 of the Entry into Israel Regulations. The procedure, originating in the affidavit of former Minister of Interior Natan Sharansky in HCJ 2227/98, newly defines the Ministry of Interior's policy on issues of status revocation for residents of Israel, for those who have been removed from the population registry since 1995. For the Sharansky affidavit, see linked items.

HaMoked to District Court: Instruct Ministry of Interior to reinstate the unlawfully revoked residency status of a Palestinian native of East Jerusalem (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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