Security Prisoner
Security Detainee
Administrative Detainee
Regulations 11-12 of the Entry into Israel Regulations, 5734-1974
Legislation | 18.7.1974
Regulation 11 of the 'Entry into Israel Regulations' details under which circumstances the validity of a permit for Israel will be nullified. Regulation 12 governs the registration of  children born in Israel to at least one parent who is a permanent Israeli resident. The full document defines types of permits and special provisions on the matter of entry into the country.
Appellate Committee for Foreign Nationals in first ruling of its kind: Ministry of Interior must respect Sharia Court ruling and recognize the grandmother of a Jerusalem child as legal guardian – even though the mother lives in the West Bank – and permit his residency in Israel
After HaMoked’s years' long battle with the Ministry of Interior: for the first time, a child born and raised in Jerusalem, whose grandmother is his legal guardian, was granted permanent Israeli status although his mother is alive (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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