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Government Resolution No. 1813: The treatment of illegal aliens and the family unification policy on residents of the Palestinian Authority and foreigners of Palestinian origin
Other | 1813 | 12.5.2002

The decision, made prior to the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) 2003, determines that until a new policy is drafted on family unification requests, no requests from residents of the Palestinian Authority for status in Israel will be received. Requests that were already submitted will not be accepted, and foreign spouses will, for the time being, have to reside outside of Israel. Permits to live in Israel that have already been granted will be extended, but will not be upgraded. The decision also suggests an outline for the new policy, including avoidance of handling applications of people who breached the rules of entry into Israel, a harshening of said rules in order to prevent entry into Israel of spouses from "fictitious and polygamous marriages", and an annual cap on family unification procedures.

Child registration – Jerusalem: HaMoked petitions against the Interior Ministry’s new policy not to grant a status in Israel to children of residents of Israel born in the OPT, or to grant a status in Israel to children registered in the OPT population registry, even if born in Israel. The policy applies to children who are living with their Israeli-resident parent in Israel. As a result of Isr...
Following a petition filed by HaMoked, the Interior Ministry will grant the spouse of a resident of Jerusalem temporary residency status (A5 visa): The Petitioner's family unification application has been in processing with the Interior Ministry for close to 14 years and his status was due to be upgraded as part of the graduated procedure back in 2002 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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