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Defense (Emergency) Regulations, 1945, Regulation 119
Legislation | 1.1.1947
The regulation deals with demolishing or sealing of constructions or part thereof in Israel or areas occupied by it.
Taken from the website of Israel Law Resource Center
HaMoked files an urgent objection against the intention to demolish the house of a suspected assailant: Israel must not readopt this illegal policy, which it had already recognized was an ineffective measure
HaMoked heads group of human rights organizations in HCJ petition: Instruct the state to cease the illegal practice of punitive house demolitions in the OPT, including East Jerusalem.
The court denied the general petition filed by HaMoked and other human rights organizations against the punitive house demolition policy: the court ruled that the state had the authority to demolish houses, but it should exercise it proportionately
In response to HaMoked’s objections against the intended punitive demolition of an apartment in a residential building in Hebron: the military announces that the demolition will be carried out “manually” and by “mechanical means” to avoid damage to the rest of the structure
HaMoked to the HCJ: a further hearing before an expanded panel of justices is needed on the question of legality of punitive home demolitions, which has never been properly considered thus far
The High Court of Justice approved the punitive sealing of one room in a West Bank family home: the scope of the demolition order was reduced following HaMoked’s petition
HaMoked to the military: eighteen years after a punitive home demolition, the family must be allowed to rebuild (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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