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AAA 8849/03 Dufash et al. v. Jerusalem Population Administration Director et al. Judgment
Judgment | 8849/03 | 2.6.2008

Judgment on HaMoked's appeal against the Court for Administrative Affairs' rejection of a request by the spouse of a resident of Jerusalem to upgrade his status to temporary residency. In the hearing on the appeal, the Ministry of Interior agreed, following the Court's comments, that if it transpires that failure to upgrade the status stemmed from a mistake or unreasonable delays on the Ministry's part, it will consider the upgrade even after the deciding date. The Court therefore returned the proceedings to the Court for Administrative Affairs, to examine the appellant's entitlement to status upgrade, out of consideration for his right to expedited review of his matter and to appeal any future decision, if necessary. In the hearing in the Court for Administrative Affairs, the man's status was updated as requested.

Following a petition filed by HaMoked, the Interior Ministry will grant the spouse of a resident of Jerusalem temporary residency status (A5 visa): The Petitioner's family unification application has been in processing with the Interior Ministry for close to 14 years and his status was due to be upgraded as part of the graduated procedure back in 2002
Temporary residency visa upgraded as part of the graduated procedure of family unification: the Appellate Commissioner for Foreigners of the Interior Ministry, granted three appeals by HaMoked on behalf of three Palestinians, and instructed the population administration to upgrade the status of the appellants to temporary residency visa type A5 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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