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Without Trial: Administrative detention of Palestinians by Israel and the Internment of Unlawful Combatants Law
Reports | 14.10.2009
A report by HaMoked and B’Tselem regarding the administrative detention of Palestinians and the Incarceration of Unlawful Combatants Law. At the time of publication, 335 Palestinians were held in Israeli prisons without trial. These detainees have no ability to properly defend themselves and disprove claims against them or present alternative evidence, as in most cases, the judges declare the evidence confidential and use only written reports by the ISA provided to them in the absence of the detainee or his counsel. The report determines that the state’s sweeping use of this measure, designed for the most exceptional cases, constitutes a grave violation of international law.
Without Trial – administrative detention of Palestinians by Israel and the Incarceration of Unlawful Combatants Law: A new report published by HaMoked and B'Tselem severely criticizes the holding of hundreds of Palestinians in detention without trial and states that Israel's sweeping use of this measure is unlawful (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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