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AAA 1038/08, 7493/08 - State of Israel v. Ja'abis et al. Judgment
Judgment | 1038/08 | 11.8.2009
The Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by the interior ministry against lower instance rulings which found hearings must be held for foreign family unification applicants in whose case the ministry is considering refusal on security grounds before the decision is made rather than after. In cases on which HaMoked collaborated, the court ruled that only in exceptional cases, in which the ministry will prove that a retrospective hearing could not be avoided, would the same be allowed. The court also ruled that the ministry is to disclose to the applicant as much information as possible in order for him to properly confront the accusations against him. Document available in Hebrew.
The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the ministry of the interior against decisions of the Court for Administrative Affairs: The court ruled that a hearing must be held before a final decision is made in applications by residents and citizens of Israel for family unification with foreign spouses
Following HaMoked's letter: Palestinians whose family unification applications are slated for rejection on security grounds will receive an oral hearing
HaMoked’s objections to the impending revocation of status of four East Jerusalem residents: the denial of oral review hearings constitutes a severe violation of the right to due process (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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