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NII 10177/05 - Zur Baher Village Committee et al. v. the National Insurance Institute
Judgment | 10177/05 | 11.4.2005

Judgment of the Labor Court on the application of the National Insurance Law to the residents of the south-eastern neighborhoods of Zur Baher. The neighborhoods fall outside the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem, but the separation barrier was built to their east in order to keep the village unified. The Court rules that permanent residents of Israel living in Zur Baher, including the aforementioned neighborhoods, will come under the regulations of the National Insurance Law and the National Health Insurance Law.

Two petitions on behalf of two families who live in Wadi Hummus, a section of Sur Bahir - the Court accepted one petition and rejected the other: the first petition concerned the denial of a request to register children and the second – the denial of an application for family unification. In both cases the Interior Ministry claimed that the requests had been rejected since the families live out...
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