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Deportation of Wives of Permanent Residents who are in the Process of Family Unification
Other | 6.11.2008
HaMoked's letter to the Interior Ministry and the Immigration Administration, demanding the immediate cessation of a new policy whereby women in the process of family unification with their spouses (permanent residents of Israel) are deported or threatened with deportation. The Interior Ministry informs these couples their applications are refused for security reasons, and without allowing reasonable time to appeal the decision, the woman is summoned to a hearing by someone claiming to be a representative of the Interior Ministry. At the meeting, plain clothed police take her to an interrogation, after which she is instructed to leave Israel within a few days. In one such instance, a woman was actually deported. The Ministry's policy is reminiscent of the methods of dark regimes, and has no place in a civilized country.
The Interior Ministry launches a new policy: women in the process of family unification with spouses who are permanent residents of Israel are being deported or threatened with deportation from Israel without being afforded the opportunity to exhaust all legal channels: these are women whose husbands filed applications for permanent residency on their behalf, but were refused on the grounds tha... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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