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AP 8350/08 - 'Attoun et al. v. The Interior Minister et al. Judgment
Judgment | 8350/08 | 26.1.2009
Judgment in HaMoked's petition to register two children from the village of Sur Bahir in the Israeli population registry. The father has always been a resident of Sur Bahir. He has 11 children, and, with the exception of the two petitioners, they are all registered. The Court rejects the petition and rules that the center of the petitioners' lives is outside Israel, therefore, they do not meet the requirements of Regulation 12 of the Entry into Israel Regulations. The Court rejects the claim that the National Labor Court's decision – that residents of the neighborhood have a center of life in Israel for the purpose of National Insurance – applies to the Entry into Israel Law. In the Court's opinion, the petitioners do not fulfill the requisite condition – they are not yet residents of Israel.
Two petitions on behalf of two families who live in Wadi Hummus, a section of Sur Bahir - the Court accepted one petition and rejected the other: the first petition concerned the denial of a request to register children and the second – the denial of an application for family unification. In both cases the Interior Ministry claimed that the requests had been rejected since the families live out...
The Supreme Court took a first step towards ruling that residents of Wadi Hummus, a part of the village of Sur Bahir, will not be considered as having a center of life in Jerusalem, and therefore will not be included in the Israeli population registry: The Court gave HaMoked and the Ministry of the Interior a 60-day extension to resolve the appellants' individual cases
HaMoked requests an additional hearing on the Supreme Court judgment in AAA 1966/09: the appeal judgment determined that the two children of a Jerusalem resident living in Wadi Hummus will not receive status in Israel, thereby leaving them without status anywhere in the world (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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