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AP 727/06 - Nofal at el. v. The Minister of the Interior et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Court Documents | 727/06 | 24.7.2006

Petition by HaMoked to approve a family unification request of a resident of Israel and her husband and two daughters. The appellant has six children. Her youngest daughter was born in Jerusalem and is a permanent resident, and three of her other children were granted temporary residency for two years. The petition relates to her two eldest daughters and her husband. The appellants claim that changes to the law permit granting status to one of the girls, and the eldest girl's status should be legalized by virtue of the Minister of Interior's authority to grant status for humanitarian reasons, so that she has equal legal status to her siblings. As part of the hearing on the petition, the Ministry of Interior adopted a procedure for processing requests to register children.

On 12 March 2008, HaMoked submitted an administrative petition on behalf of a resident of Jerusalem. The Ministry of the Interior is demanding that the man’s son be registered in the Palestinian Population Registry before the son is registered in the Israeli Population Registry: HaMoked argues that the ministry’s demand is unreasonable and contrary to the ministry’s own procedures concerning th...
The Court for Administrative Affairs rules: the Ministry of Interior must grant residency to a boy after treatment of his application exceeded the time allotted (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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