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Revocation of residency of a Jerusalem woman who divides her time between Gaza and Jerusalem: the case of FA
8476/08 | 8481/08 | documents: 5  |  Updates: 3 FA, a permanent resident in Jerusalem married RA, who lives in Gaza, in 1990. At the time, travel between Israel and the Gaza Strip was free, and did not require permits. After Israel toughened regulations for travel to Gaza, FA received permits issued under the "divided families" procedure, set to formalize the entry to Gaza of Israeli residents and citizens married to Gaza Palestinians. All along, FA made sure to have her permits renewed as per procedure, and regularly entered Israel for stays at her East Jerusalem home. Therefore, it never occurred to her that her status in Jerusalem might one day be revoked. In February 2007, she discovered Israel had revoked her permanent residency status. FA wrote to the head of the regional bureau of the population administration in East Jerusalem, requesting to reinstate her residency, and was notified in reply that her residency expired by law. The basis for the decision was not provided. Familiarity with the Interior Ministry's policy of the period leads to conclude that FA's revocation of residency resulted from her stay in Gaza.

On June 15, 2008, HaMoked petitioned the High Court of Justice (HCJ) demanding to order the state to withdraw its decision, to reinstate FA’s residency status and to give account of the issue at large, concerning the permanent residency status of East Jerusalem Palestinians. HaMoked argued that the petitioner is subject to the regulations of the "Sharansky Affidavit", submitted in HCJ 2227/98, for the purpose of allowing individuals whose residency was revoked to regain it, if they meet certain conditions. HaMoked asserted also that the revocation was unlawful from a higher perspective, given the unique status of East Jerusalem residents: as the original inhabitants of the city, their position is unlike that of any other resident, and certainly unlike that of immigrants to Israel. The applicable law should take into account the fact that their families lived in East Jerusalem well before its illegal annexation to Israel. Furthermore, under international law, the status of the East Jerusalem residents cannot be revoked, as they are "protected" persons who are entitled to continue to live in the occupied territory.

In December 2008, the Interior Ministry notified that FA's permanent residency was approved for renewal, and she regained her residency in July 2009.

Revocation of Residency Status of East Jerusalem Residents
Principal Correspondence  |  19.2.2009
Further response by the Interior Ministry, following HaMoked's petition under the Freedom of Information Act, seeking to clarify the scope of revocations of East Jerusalemites' residency. The Interior Ministry provides details regarding the number of minors whose residency was revoked between 2005 and 2007, and describes the manner in which it receives information concerning East Jerusalemites'...
AP 8476/08 - HaMoked: Center for Defence of the Individual v. The Interior Minister et al. Request for Clarifications on the Freedom of Information Comissioner's Response
Principal Correspondence  |  8476/08   |  13.11.2008
HaMoked's response to the Interior Ministry's Freedom of Information Commissioner, following a petition concerning the revocation of East Jerusalemites' residencies. HaMoked requests clarification regarding, inter alia, the disparity between the data provided in the response and that given by the Commissioner to B'Tselem. HaMoked notes that an enquiry by phone has demonstrated that the reason f...
Revocation of Residency Status of Permanent Residents of Jerusalem
Principal Correspondence  |  12.11.2008
Response by the Interior Ministry's Freedom of Information Commissioner following HaMoked's petition under the Freedom of Information Act, demanding information regarding the revocation of East Jerusalemites' residencies. According to the Ministry, the residencies of 1360 East Jerusalemites were revoked in 2006; in 2007, 289 were revoked. The Ministry evades disclosing the reasons for these rev...
AP 8481/08 - Abu Ramadan et al. v. Minister of the Interior Petition for Order Nisi
Administrative Petition  |  8481/08   |  15.6.2008
Petition by HaMoked regarding the revocation of the residency of a Jerusalemite who is married to a Gazan and divides her time between the two places. She found out her residency had been revoked in July 2007. HaMoked claims the Petitioner's presence in Gaza was not "a change of residence" but passage between one area under Israeli sovereignty and another under Israeli control as a result of th...
AP 8476/08 HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual et al. v. Minister of Interior Petition Under the Freedom of Information Act
Administrative Petition  |  8476/08   |  12.6.2008
Petition filed by HaMoked in the framework of the Freedom of Information Act, to compel the Minister of Interior to divulge information regarding revocation of residency of permanent residents in East Jerusalem. HaMoked is seeking, inter alia, to receive data regarding the number of residency revocations in Jerusalem in 2006 and 2007 and the reasons therefor. HaMoked has also requested informat...
In 2008, the Ministry of Interior revoked the Israeli residency status of 4,577 residents of East Jerusalem – including 99 minors: The number of cases of revocation of residency in 2008 alone is equal to approximately one half the total number of cases of residency revocation between 1967 and 2007
In response to HaMoked's petition under the Freedom of Information Act, the Interior Ministry provided data regarding the scope of residency revocation in East Jerusalem: Between 2005 and 2007, 1,869 permanent residents of Jerusalem were revoked of their residency, including 91 minors
HaMoked in a petition to the Jerusalem Administrative Affairs Court under the Freedom of Information Act, for information on the scope of residency revocation in East Jerusalem during 2006 and 2007: HaMoked also filed a petition on behalf of a resident of East Jerusalem who is married to a resident of the Gaza Strip and whose residency has recently been revoked. The revocation came after many y... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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