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Prevented passage from Gaza for a West Bank wedding: the case of WA
660/08 | documents: 1  |  Updates: 5 In June 2007, WA, who lives at her parents' home in the Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza, signed a marriage contract with her chosen partner, who lives in Al 'Eizariya in the Bethlehem district. At the time, violence was raging in the Gaza Strip, leading Israel to close all Gaza-Israel crossing points. In consideration, WA waited for some eight weeks before appealing to the Palestinian Civilian Committee to allow her to travel to the West Bank for her scheduled wedding. Israel rejected the application, and the couple had to postpone the wedding by several months. The new wedding date approaching, WA and her mother appealed through HaMoked to the humanitarian center in the Gaza District Coordination Office (DCO) requesting to arrange their passage to the West Bank. The DCO referred them to the Palestinian Civilian Committee. The Civilian Committee, however, notified that as of January 2007, Israel had stopped accepting applications, other than in cases of death.

HaMoked approached the humanitarian center once more, but was again referred to the Palestinian Civilian Committee, in itself powerless since Israel declines to accept such applications for consideration. On March 31, 2008, HaMoked petitioned, demanding the bride and her mother be allowed to leave Gaza for the West Bank for the scheduled wedding ceremony. In the petition, HaMoked emphasized that the submission of the application evokes in of itself the Israeli obligation to exercise its power and that Israel cannot disown it by referring to the Population Civilian Committee. The petition was consolidated with other similar petitions for a joint hearing.

HCJ 660/08 - 'Amer et al. v. Military Commander in the West Bank Notice on behalf of the Respondents
Statement  |  660/08  |  2.12.2008
Respondents' statement prior to the consolidated hearing on HaMoked's petitions, regarding passage between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and corresponding changes of residential address. The Court instructed the state to institute a procedure for processing requests for change of address, yet the State reiterates its claims that the Military Commander holds exclusive authority to grant permits ...
Israel publishes a procedure for processing applications for passage from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank: The new procedure essentially puts an end to the passage of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank. Through the procedure, Israel explicitly declares that Palestinians whose registered address is in Gaza have no right to be or live in the West Bank
On 8 December 2008, the High Court of Justice held a hearing on a petition filed by HaMoked, regarding Israel's policy of denying official changes of address from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank: HaMoked cautions that Israel's policy institutionalizes the separation between the two parts of the Occupied Territories, and perpetuates a reality whereby the Palestinian populations of the West Bank ...
HaMoked and B'Tselem caution against the severe violation of human rights caused by Israel's unilateral measures whose purpose is to institutionalize and perpetuate a reality of separating and cutting off the Palestinian populations of the Gaza Strip and West Bank from each other: On September 24 2008, the HCJ will hold a hearing on matters of principle raised in HaMoked's petitions relating to...
HaMoked has submitted a petition on behalf of a Palestinian resident of the Gaza Strip who wishes to travel to the West Bank in order to attend her own wedding and begin her life with her partner, who lives in the area: The High Court of Justice (HCJ) asked HaMoked to state whether it intends to forward the petition to the Administrative Court, claiming that it relates to the Entry to Israel La...
HaMoked has filed a petition asking that the authorities update the registered address of a Palestinian woman who lives in the Tulkarem district with her husband. In an earlier petition the court ruled that the petitioner may remain in the West Bank and file an application to change her registered address in the Population Registry: HaMoked is further demanding that the military reveal under wh... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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