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Family unification process terminated due to a security claim against a distant relative: the case of MB
documents: 1  |  Updates: 1 MB, born in Jericho, has been living in Beit Hanina with her husband, a Jerusalem resident, since their marriage in 1997. In 2007, her husband applied for family unification on her behalf, and she later began receiving renewable stay permits as per procedure. In September 2008, two days before the stay permit expired, the couple received notice from the East Jerusalem branch of the Population, Immigration and Border Authority, regarding the termination of their family unification process, on the claim that MB's relatives were Hamas activists. The letter included an Arabic translation of all but the following statement: "You may challenge the decision in writing within 14 days. If the challenge is not filed within 14 days, we will consider the application as defunct". In the absence of a stay permit, MB’s presence in her own home comes to be regarded as illegal by Israel.

In early November, telephone summons brought the couple to the East Jerusalem branch of the Population and Immigration Authority. At the entrance, a policeman was waiting for them. He asked MB to accompany him to the police station whereshe was told that unless she settled her affaires in four days time, the police would come to her home and deport her. MB's brother is married to a woman whose brother had once been arrested. Using this to justify stopping the family unification process is outrageous, more so as it fails to meet the legal criteria. HaMoked challenged this decision, and upon rejection, appealed to the appellate committee for foreigners of the Population Authority. On September 9, 2009, the committee chair decided that the Population Authority should hold a hearing of the applicants' request before reaching a new decision. The Interior Ministry's family unification department rejected HaMoked's request to schedule a live hearing. HaMoked objected to this also, and still awaits reply.

Deportation of Wives of Permanent Residents who are in the Process of Family Unification
Principal Correspondence  |  6.11.2008
HaMoked's letter to the Interior Ministry and the Immigration Administration, demanding the immediate cessation of a new policy whereby women in the process of family unification with their spouses (permanent residents of Israel) are deported or threatened with deportation. The Interior Ministry informs these couples their applications are refused for security reasons, and without allowing reas...
The Interior Ministry launches a new policy: women in the process of family unification with spouses who are permanent residents of Israel are being deported or threatened with deportation from Israel without being afforded the opportunity to exhaust all legal channels: these are women whose husbands filed applications for permanent residency on their behalf, but were refused on the grounds tha... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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