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Deportation from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip: the case of MA and YA
documents: 2  |  Updates: 1 In the predawn hours of May 27, 2008, soldiers raided a residential neighborhood in Qalqiliya. They rounded up the men outside their homes and gathered their identification cards. Anyone born Gaza or registered in a Gaza address was arrested. On the following day those registered in a West Bank address, were released, but two, MA and YA, both family men were designated for deportation to Gaza. The grounds for deportation: both live in the West Bank, despite being registered in a Gaza address.

MA moved from Gaza to Qalqiliya as a child and built his life and family there. YA moved from Gaza to the West Bank in his youth, where he married and built a family. He has been living in Qalqiliya since 1987. As soon as their arrest and imminent deportation by reason of “illegal presence in the West Bank” became known, HaMoked appealed to the military demanding to halt the deportation procedure. At the request of the military, HaMoked supplied documentation, proving that the men actually live in the West Bank. HaMoked's intervention averted their deportation, and both were released home to the West Bank. Their release notice stipulated that they should "legalize their presence in the West Bank". The military in fact required them to obtain "stay permits". Until October 2007, Gaza Palestinians wishing to move to the West Bank, needed entry permits to Israel, just to pass through, en route to the West Bank. However, since October 2007, the military repeatedly demands "stay permits" as a requisite for staying in the West Bank, despite the fact that Gaza and the West Bank form two parts of a whole, namely the Palestinian Territories, where any resident  may visit, reside and settle if he so wishes, without any interference from Israel. The military's active search for Palestinians to deport, based on their formal address, and the issuing of stay permits for the West Bank are additional steps in the policy to disjoin Gaza and the West Bank.

Deportation in this case was averted through HaMoked's intervention. Other cases end differently. MA and YA now live in the West Bank, without stay permits. Note, On August 19, 2009, YA was rearrested from his home and deported to Gaza. He returned home to the Bank under a court ruling to that effect, subject to his pledge not to infiltrate Israel, abstain from crime, and placing a guarantee deposit of 15,000 NIS.

Forcible transfer of Palestinians living in the West Bank to the Gaza Strip
Principal Correspondence  |  3.8.2008
Letter from HaMoked to GOC Central Command regarding forcible transfers of Palestinians from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip. HaMoked calls for the cancellation of the Military's new permit regime in which Palestinians with registered addresses in Gaza may not be present in the West Bank without a permit, otherwise, they are considered "illegal aliens", and face the danger of arbitrary arrest a...
Removal of ____ Astal, ID No. ____, from the Area
Principal Correspondence  |  29.5.2008
Response by the Military Legal Advisor for the West Bank to HaMoked's appeal to prevent the removal to Gaza of a Palestinian who has been residing in Qalqilya with his family for over eight years and was now arrested due to unlawful presence in the West Bank. The plaintiff was arrested along with another man during a joint action by the army and the ISA designed to locate people who are living ...
Intervention by HaMoked prevented the deportation to the Gaza Strip of two Palestinians arrested in the West Bank. The authorities intended to deport the two men solely because their registered address is in the Gaza Strip: HaMoked opposes Israel’s abuse of the bureaucratic matter such as one's registered address for the purpose of deporting a person from their home. HaMoked cautions that this ... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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