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"Seam zone" permit for personal needs: the case of AZ
documents: 0  |  Updates: 0 In June 2010, AZ, who lives east of the separation wall, became engaged to a woman from Barta’a, west of the wall in the area Israel has designated the "seam zone". Although the "seam zone" is part of the West Bank and its inhabitants are Palestinians, Israel requires any Palestinian seeking entry to the "seam zone", to obtain a military permit for that purpose, claiming it stems from "security reasons". Because he was working inside the "seam zone" in a shop owned by his family, AZ received entry permits for the “seam zone" on a regular basis, which also enabled him to visit his fiancée at her home. The young couple planned to hold the wedding at his parents' home on September 4, 2011, and hold the Henna night two days earlier, at the bride’s family home in Barta'a.

In July 2011, his employment permit expired and he applied to have it renewed in accordance with military procedure. With the Henna night fast approaching but without any response from the military, AZ submitted a second application, this time for a personal-needs permit. It also received no response.

On August 21, 2011, HaMoked sent an urgent request to the military to grant AZ a personal-needs permit so he could participate in the Henna ceremony. On the following day, the military responded that that AZ had been issued a new employment permit for the "seam zone" for a period of two months; however – in the very same letter approving AZ's presence in Barta'a for work – the military went on to demand that AZ file another personal-needs application in order to participate in his fiancée's Henna ceremony, since he "may not use the employment permit for this purpose,” and claiming also that the Israeli side had not received any personal-needs application filed by AZ.

HaMoked requested the State Attorney's Office to intervene in the absurd demand of the military. The State Attorney's Office never responded. AZ, forced to make do with one type of permit, was happy to participate in his fiancée's Henna ceremony, even if only by virtue of his employment-permit. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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