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14 years in the process of receiving status in Israel: the case of H'A
documents: 0  |  Updates: 1 In 1996, S'A, an Israeli resident applied for family unification for her husband, H'A who was born in 1941 in the village of Al 'Isawiya, inside Israel since the annexation in 1967. It took the Ministry of Interior seven years to accept the application. During those seven years, the family suffered from the uncertainty regarding the status of H'A – the sole provider for the family – who was exposed at all times to delays, detentions, and under constant threat of deportation. Initially, the Ministry of Interior denied the application on the grounds that the requirement of "center of life" in Jerusalem had not been proved. In July 2000, following her objection to the decision, the Ministry of Interior notified S'A that the application processing would be resumed. But for the next three years, and despite HaMoked's countless reminders, the Ministry of Interior left the application undecided.

In June 2003, HaMoked petitioned the Jerusalem Court for Administrative Affairs to instruct the Ministry of Interior to conclude processing of the application. Following the petition, the family unification application was accepted.

In 2005, H'A received an Israeli stay permit and entered the graduated procedure of family unification leading to permanent status in Israel. In February 2007, as part of the graduated procedure, the couple applied for a temporary residency visa (type A/5) for H'A. As a prerequisite for approving the application, the Ministry of Interior demanded that, as H'A's village of his birth was now inside Israeli territory, he must present an Israeli birth certificate. Given that the document was unavailable, HaMoked made intense efforts to trace H'A's birth records in order to obtain a new certificate, but without success. As an alternative, H'A succeeded to obtain a Jordanian birth certificate, but it did not satisfy the ministry's demand, and so the application was denied.

In May 2009, HaMoked filed an objection to the decision, stressing that the actions of the Ministry of Interior's clerks forced H'A to live on in Israel with tourist status and without any rights for much longer than stipulated under the graduated procedure. In August 2009, HaMoked filed an appeal regarding lack of response. Ten months later, there was still no reply. In view of the Ministry of Interior's unacceptable conduct, in June 2010, HaMoked again filed a petition with the Court for Administrative Affairs. In response, the Ministry of Interior announced that H'A would receive the status of permanent Israeli resident. In August, 2010, almost 14 years after the couple first applied for family unification, H'A was entered into the Israeli population registry.

Following petitions by HaMoked, a Jordanian citizen, married to an Israeli resident, has finally been entered as a permanent resident into the Israeli population registry: this brings to a close an excruciating seven year long saga vis-à-vis the Interior Ministry (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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