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Provision of medical treatment to an East Jerusalem resident whose residency was revoked: the case of OD
documents: 0  |  Updates: 1 OD, an East Jerusalem resident, born 1946, recognized as a homeless person by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, has been living in various temporary lodgings and on the street since 1991. OD suffers from chronic medical problems, for which he was hospitalized in medical facilities on several occasions between 2007 and 2009. In 2005, the Ministry of Interior revoked OD's residency status without notifying him of that fact; and as a result, he also lost his entitlement to national health insurance.

In December 2009, after he learnt about the health insurance termination, OD applied to the National Insurance Institute (NII) to have it renewed, and was notified that the matter was under review. Given his health condition and the NII's delay in replying, HaMoked filed a claim to the National Labor Court concerning the OD's status revocation and his right to national health insurance. In the claim, HaMoked suggested that the termination of OD's health insurance resulted from the lack of permanent address. On the same day, HaMoked applied for an interim order directing the NII to renew OD's health insurance pending a decision in his case. The order was issued and the NII renewed OD's medical insurance.

In April 2010, OD was admitted to Hadassah Mount-Scopus hospital in Jerusalem with a financial obligation form from the Clalit Health Service fund. There he received initial treatment with a recommendation to undergo surgery at the earliest possibility. However, due to accrued debts for hospital treatments he received while uninsured, the hospital refused to continue his pre-surgery treatment. HaMoked appealed to the hospital, arguing that the debt-payment prerequisite for the surgery was illegal and violated patients’ rights. The hospital dismissed the claims entirely; HaMoked appealed to the legal advisor of the Ministry of Health, and he determined that the hospital's refusal was unjustified and that the matter must be resolved. Thereupon, the hospital announced it had decided to grant the request ex gratia and to conduct the operation.

Following HaMoked's intervention: A Jerusalemite Palestinian, whose residency was revoked, will receive treatment in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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