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Violent assault against minors in Jerusalem: the case of AA, WSh, and JA
documents: 0  |  Updates: 1 At around midday on February 4, 1998, three Palestinian minors, 14-16 year old, were street hawking in the Oranim junction in the Katamon neighborhood in Jerusalem. A border police patrol vehicle, driving the next shift officers to their various positions in the area. The vehicle pulled up close to the junction, two border police officers got out, seized the boys for no reason, and forced them into the back of the vehicle, and drove off. During the ride, the officers kept beating and slapping the boys, and forced them to sing chants in praise of the border police. Finally, near Jabal al Mukabbir, the vehicle stopped, and the boys were thrust out of the vehicle. One boy was thrown out with excessive brutality, kicked all over his body, and struck in the head with a rifle. He lost consciousness, and his two friends called in the police. The wounded boy was rushed to hospital by ambulance; the two others were brought to a police station to give statements. None of the officers involved reported the assault. Moreover, once they had been traced, and were questioned by the Police Investigation Unit (PIU), the officers initially denied all allegations, and later, when they "remembered" the incident, kept attempting to cover up for each other.

Of the officers, two were convicted of criminal offenses, and two who had sat in the vehicle during the incident, were convicted in disciplinary police proceedings. Through these proceedings, the unacceptable norms of thwarting PIU investigations and of coordinating false testimonies were once again exposed. Therefore, the civil claim named the state along with officers, for its vicarious liability for the officers’ actions.

The magistrates' court ruling ordered the officers and the state to pay the youths damages in the sum of NIS 39,000.

The court accepted a suit for damages submitted by HaMoked following a serious incident in which Border Police officers abused three Palestinian minors in Jerusalem: The police officers forcibly placed the youths in a patrol vehicle where they were beaten vigorously and forced to sing songs praising the Border Police. The court ordered the police officers and the state to pay compensation to th... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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